die with your mask on if you've got to.

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Old photo- pre-estrogen though post androgen suppressors. Recent photo- three years of hrt. I’m honestly not sure I like all off the changes. If only three were a way to pick and choose…

You all should follow and talk to my friend eversleepy1,

she has been super nice to me since I’ve transitioned and she’s awesome! Go fill her message box with stuff :3

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xraypirate asked: Hi, I've been following you for about a month now. I just wanted to say that I think your self-confidence and your sense of self are inspiring. I think you definitely have this awesome sense of purpose and girls can look up to you for that. And of course you have a pretty sweet blog, too!

haha thanks,

I’mm really not that confident all the time, and I have no idea what I’m doing half of the time :O

I’m glad people seem to appreciate my blog, I’m glad I can offer something to them. 

Thanks! ^^

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The best way to play is to EV train, IV breed, choose party based on moveset and weakness, then-
No, use the cute ones
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Animal Crossing:
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